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Country Park is closer now
In the course of development of the public transport network new opportunities are offered to get around the business center “Country Park”. In particular, the new station “Belomorskaya” of Line 2 of the Moscow Metro has been opened recently.

Rhenus moved into Country Park
The logistics company “Rhenus Intermodal Systems”, being a part of the Rhenus Group, became the new tenant of the A-class business center “Country Park III”. The office premises of the company are located on the 8th floor of the building.

Digital Construction Conference
On March 14th in Amsterdam the Digital Construction Conference was hold, organized by Synchro Software, the creator of the popular digital construction platform Synchro Pro, that is widely used for the control of construction and installation works. Synchro is a partner of IBIM, one of the companies constituting the BPS Group).

BIM Excellence according to British standards
IBIM, one of the companies constituting the BPS Group, successfully participated in a training program organized by the British Standards Institution (BSI) being the oldest and the most respected authority in the field of standardization. This education course was held by the leading experts being the originators of the implementation of BIM technologies at the state level in Britain.

BIM models for construction cost insurance
The leading experts from BPS International, TÜV SÜD and Autodesk, reported on the benefits of BIM models for construction insurance in a BIM workshop on 28 February 2018, held as part of the “BIM Workshop for Building Owners" series of events, with 40 participants from one of world’s largest re-insurance groups.

BIM World Munich: Connected BIM
Within the framework of the International exhibition in Munich BPS International demonstrated the working of the software solution Connected BIM, that allows predicting possible negative scenarios in the course of the work of MEP systems in a building. This technology is being used in the operation of the office complex “Country Park”.

Lindström at Country Park

The new tenant of the A class office building “Country Park” is the international company “Lindström” with an over 170-year history in the textile industry.

Tridika choses Country Park

The new tenant of the A class office building “Country Park” is the architectural and planning agency “Tridika”.

Design Erick van Egeraat and BPS Group: Built As Designed

Design Erick van Egeraat and BPS Group pool resources in order to implement design and construction methods that exclude any distortion of the architectural intention.

The leading BIM company and the leading architects are going to appoint the pilot project to realize the construction concept known as “Built As Designed”.

SOLNTSE MEXICO in Country Park

SOLNTSE MEXICO (LLC), being a part of GRUMA International Food, becomes the new tenant of the A-class office building Country Park III. GRUMA is the world leading manufacturer of tortillas and corn chips.

The office of the new tenant with an area of 210 square meters is located on the tenth floor of the Country Park III building.

Synchro Software: the Time Machine by Tom Dengenis
On April 11 the iBIM company, being part of the BPS Group of companies, held a business meeting with Tom Dengenis, the creator of the popular information system Synchro Pro. This unique event took place in the office complex “Country Park”, which had been created with the use of BIM technologies. The participants were welcomed with aromatic coffee.

Канатная дорога
Министр инвестиций и инноваций Подмосковья Денис Буцаев в интервью «Коммерсанту» рассказал о планах частных инвесторов по созданию общественного транспорта. В качестве примера приведен проект создания канатной дороги, которая должная связать химкинский деловой квартал «Кантри парк» и станцию метро «Планерная».

В Химках вкусно
В городском округе Химки стартовала программа «В Химках вкусно». Первым ее участником стал один из ресторанов округа, расположенный на территории бизнес-центра «Кантри-парк».

Coffee BIM. Moving on
Leaders of the construction industry gathered at Country Park to participate in the business event “Coffee BIM. Moving on”, dedicated to the development of BIM technologies. Within the demonstration tour called “BIM technologies in reality”, BPS International showed how information models and modern technologies help operate facilities. The event was organized by the company I-BIM together with BPS International.

BPS: BIM World
BPS International participates in the activities of the BIM World Munich business program

BIM. Moving on
At the business center “Country Park” a brunch reception under the title “Coffee BIM. Moving on” took place, which was organized by the company I-BIM together with BPS International

BSI in Country Park. According to British Standards
A division of the British Standards Institution (BSI), responsible for customer servicing in CIS countries, becomes the new tenant of the A-class office building Country Park III
Being a global enterprise, BSI is incorporated by Royal Charter and has a century of history. BSI provides standardization services, holds trainings and carries out certifications and independent audits on accordance with the international standards.

“Ohana” – the new fitness center at Country Park
One of the largest fitness centers in Khimki is getting ready to open in the office building “Country Park III”.

The new fitness network of the premium segment “Ohana” is opening its second location at Country Park. The total area of the fitness club amounts to about 4.500 square meters. It occupies a three-level space with panoramic view of the quay of the Butakovski Bay of the Khimki Reservoir and direct access to it.

BIM technologies presented by BPS International at Russian Construction Ministry

BIM technologies approved at government level

At the Ministry of Construction Industry, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation a meeting took place with the participation of the minister Mikhail Men and under the chairmanship of the first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov. The meeting was actively supported by Leonid Lopatin, managing director of BPS International, and Yuri Nemanezhin, managing partner of Gravion Group, both as presenters of the experience gained within the first years of use of BIM technologies (building information modeling) in the Russian construction practice.

“Country Park Clinic” is the Innovation of the Year Award Winner!

BPS International receives another prestigious award. The medical center built by BPS International has triumphed in the “Good Innovations” contest for innovative real estate projects. 

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