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The Chalet is the country residence of Moscow’s Simple Pleasures restaurants. The restaurants concept combines the simple pleasures dear toeveryone's heart. Comfortable and spacious with acozy atmosphere, the Chalet invites you to relax in scenic natural surroundings.

The Chalet is a restaurant featuring European, Japanese and Russian cuisine andits own house specialties

Chef Sebastian Korol admits that he prepares only what he likes. And this means fromhis heart with passion. Whether it is sushi, pasta, Mediterranean dishes or Russian vodka snacks (zakusky), Sebastians creative energy transforms any dish into a true culinary masterpiece!
Simple Pleasures
Gourmet restaurant
Open: 12:00 - 24:00
Tel.: 8 (495) 663-92-33

Elegance combined with a country lifestyle!

The restaurant is built inan Alpine style blending perfectly with the surroundings. Relaxing on thecozy sofas, you can enjoy both gastronomical wonders and views of the picturesque waterfront of Butakovsky Bay.