Social Responsibility

BPS International GmbH places special emphasis on the following aspects while developing and operating Country Park:


  • Improvement of living conditions and creating of leisure and recreation areas for residents of the neighboring districts by means of area beautification and landscaping, as well as cleaning of water bodies (Butakovskiy Bay)
  • Ensuring of a proper infrastructure in walking distance for the residents of the neighboring districts
  • Creation of nearly 4,500 jobs at Country Park for the local residents in office buildings of the highest European level
  • Application of “green” standards while designing and constructing of buildings, use of environmentally friendly materials, heat saving and energy efficient systems and technologies
  • Upgrading of several existing engineering facilities
  • Environmental attitude: water consumption reduction, use of rainwater, avoidance of environmentally harmful household cleaning products, etc.
  • Reduction of the load on the municipal transportation system by operating a corporate shuttle bus
  • Raise of the status of the developed areas resulting in increasing of investment attractiveness of all projects under development in the immediate vicinity
  • Organization of celebrations and hosting of themed events for children and adults within the territory of Country Park with free admission for residents of neighboring districts