Map of the Area

Khimki is one of the most prospective andfastest growing areas in the Moscow Region!

The city ranks as one of the region's five most developed areas and is a leader in capital investments and construction.
Major projects have been and are being implemented under the Khimki - 21st Century socioeconomic development programs!

Several shopping centers are located around Country Park, including IKEA,Ashan,Grand, Bumans, Metro, Leroy Merlinand Ashan City. Furthermore there are numerous car dealerships as well as the F.M. Logistic warehouse terminal nearby.
Two million people live nearby Country Park! This is more than the population of major European cities such as Munich or Hamburg.

The new Moscow district of Kurkino, with a population of 21.000, is rapidly expanding towards Country Park. Once all the announced construction projects are completed, the population will increase to 40-45.000.