Come all to the skating rink!

Come all to the skating rink!

Ice skating rink is open

Ice skating rink in Country Park is open!

A festive program was accomplished on Sunday, 12th of December. 
This was dedicated to the opening of the ice skating rink and Christmas market! During these truly wintry days at the skating rink in Country Park, not only children had fun with the special program features, animators, clowns and of course Santa Claus, but also their parents. Though coaches helped the newcomer to take the first steps on the ice. The highlight of the holiday was a small Christmas market, where Country Park guests could buy traditional handicrafts and taste Russian delicacies. In the atrium of the second office building the smallest were entertained by animators from the school English First, Khimki. Actors of Children Theater, showed parts of the popular children's fairy tales "Cinderella" and "Snow Queen". These family holidays in Country Park were certainly a success. "We had a great time with the whole family at the rink. It is of excellent quality, located next to our house," - commented guests. "Today you see constructions sites everywhere, there is no more space for public recreation on the fresh air. Country Park is a pleasant exception,"- said a resident of Khimki, who came to the rink with her grandchildren. 

Rink will operate throughout the winter from 12:00 to 22:00 on weekdays and from 12:00 to 23:00 on the weekend. 


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