Can you see it?

Can you see it?

Country Park at an exhibition of Moscow’s best business centers

Can you see it?

Country Park has become the hero of “Can you see it?”, a photo exhibition organized by the international company Jones Lang LaSalle together with the well known photographer Dmitry Zverev.

The exhibition focused on landmark office buildings that in large part define Moscow’s identity. One of these buildings is Country Park. Its appearance in 2004 was an event for the commercial real estate market — a unique concept of “a city within a city” that drew the attention of large international companies looking for really high-quality space to develop their business.

Today, Country Park, which includes a yacht club and the Chalet Simple Pleasures restaurant, continues to grow and set new standards of quality in business life. A third administrative building and a German medical center, which is a joint project of BPS and leading German clinics, will be open for business in the current year.

Working with unique facilities demanded an innovative approach. A special feature of the exhibition is art photographer Dmitry Zverev’s own vision of showing familiar buildings in a new way. The official exhibition includes 70 photographs of various buildings in Moscow. 

“In the ‘Can you see it?’ photo exhibition, we’re showing familiar buildings in an unexpected perspective,” say Charles Boudet, Managing Director of Jones Lang LaSalle, Russia & CIS. “We initially planned to show all the outstanding contemporary buildings. During shooting, it became clear that it would be impossible to show all the varied office buildings in Moscow in one exhibition. This is our task for the future.”

The exhibition is being held in Peter Fomenko’s Theater Studio.


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