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Boat launching
Boats were launched in the yacht-club of “Country Park” on the 27-th of April. Mooring charges: monthly rate - 2500 rub. per metre.  

Komus in Country Park
Komus stationer's shop is opened in Country Park. 

BPS auf MIPIM 2014
BPS International hat ihre neue Projekte auf MIPIM 2014 (die größte Ausstellung in der Sphäre Immobilien) präsentiert. 

Coffee House
Coffee House offers a wide range of high-quality coffee, coffee machines and accompanying products. The company works directly with the best world suppliers therefore tenants of Country Park will enjoy excellent coffee with rich taste and exquisite aroma.

Show-room of elite bags Martina Caponi
The show-room Martina Caponi represents design bags, backpacks and gloves made of high-quality leather.  

“Mars Development” - der neue Mieter des „Country Parks“.
Die Firma „Mars Development“ ist zum neuen Mieter geworden. Sie spezialisiert sich auf Gewährung von Dienstleistungen für die Autoservices und Vertragshändler. Die Firma bietet Reinigungsservice und verschiedene Dienste für die Autowaschanlagen an.

Art Gallery: Dmitry Popov
An exhibition of Dmitry Popov's paintings opened in the Art Gallery of the Country Park. 

The Country Park Dental Center is in the Top 100
The Country Park Dental Center has entered the top 100 of the best dental centers in Russia. A qualified research was conducted within the framework of a non-commercial Startsmile project for the Kommersant publishing house. The marketing has not only showed the market leaders: the experts of Startsmile believe that a patient can choose the most suitable dental center more easily now.

Hampton by Hilton in Volgograd
The first hotel of a world famous brand Hampton by Hilton designed by the chief architect of BPS Dmitry Kats during his work in the PCG Architect Bureau has opened in Volgograd.

BPS at Build for Green
Dmitry Kats, Chief Architect of BPS International participated in Build for Green as a speaker.

BPS at Expo Real
Chief architect of BPS Dmitriy Kats spoke at the round table organized by the Moscow City Government in collaboration with the Impress Media Publishing House in the framework of the international trade fair Expo Real.

For owners to keep in mind!
How much investment does an energy efficient passive building require in a pilot area of Munich, and what will be the return if the investor repeats this experiment in actual field conditions? What is the speed of the elevators that work in the highest business center of the Munich Highlights Towers? What role, other than decorative, can and should illumination of buildings play in the metropolis at night? These and other questions were discussed by market experts during a property-tour organized on October 9 in Munich by the Impress Media Publishing House, together with BPS International.

The art of decoration
A new exhibition of Marina Polyakova titled “The art of decoration” is now open in the Country Park art gallery. 

Green Awards Win
BPS International won two prestigious awards at once within Green Awards, All-Russian Competition on Sustainable Development and Energy Efficiency. Winners were awarded at International Real Estate Investment Forum PROEstate.

Country Park III is Open
Regardless of rainy weather, the loft-style party succeeded. The new ultra-modern building of Country Park III is now open.

Art Gallery Country Park
Art gallery
Boris Bezikovich

A new exhibition of one of the best soviet impressionists is now open in the Country Park art gallery.

SNA Europe in Country Park  New tenant

01.08.2013 The branch of SNA Europe, a leading company in the production of hand tools and band saws for construction, agriculture, and automobile construction, has become a tenant of the new ultra-modern office building Country Park III.

Solo exhibition of Sergey Skachkov

Sergey Gennadyevich Skachkov is:

A member of the Artists’ Union of Moscow Region;

A member of the International Artistic Fund of Russia.

Sergey Gennadyevich Skachkov was born on May 9, 1959 in Rostov Region, town of Belaya Kalitva.

Preisverleihung fur Architekturwettbewerb an der Hochschule Weihenstephan
05.07.2013 Am 2. Juli 2013 veranstaltete die Hochschule Weihenstephan die Preisverleihung für den Wettbewerb „Gestaltung des Wasserbrunnens für den Business Komplex Country Park Moskau“. Das Projekt wurde im Januar 2012 von der BPS International GmbH gemeinsam mit der Fakultät ‚Landschaftsarchitektur’ für Studenten initiiert.

Kooperation mit BVGG im Bereich Visualisierungen und Architekturplanung

04.07.2013 BPS International und der Bundesverein Gastronomie und Genuss e.V. (BVGG, haben am 04.07.2013 einen Rahmenvertrag über eine Partnerschaft im Bereich Visualisierung und Architekturplanung abgeschlossen.

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