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A transport hub will become neighbour to Country Park
Today, the future construction site reminds of the Zone from “Stalker”: the naturally beautiful plot between the Leningradskoye highway and the bank of the Butakovsky bay of the Khimki Reservoir is buried under garbage and used as an open-air warehouse. 

Ferronordic Machines expanded its office in Country Park

The Swedish company Ferronordic Machines renegotiated its tenancy agreement for a new term, doubling the area of its office.

“We love, we remember, we are proud of you”
A concert for the veterans “We love, we remember, we are proud of you” took place in Country Park on the Victory Day’s Eve. 

Milagro – a new tenant in Country Park
One of the world leaders in production of instant coffee, BM Group Company, became a new tenant in Country Park. 

AMD in “Country Park”
The company AMD (NASDAQ: AMD), one of the leading developers of intellectual gadgets chose Country Park as a base for its development in Russia.

Handbuch zur Hotelprojektierung

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Natalya Rodzevich
Art-gallery “Country Park”

Taste of business
A new grocery store has opened in "Country Park" for tenants and Khimki dwellers.

Erbstein and Oks. Teacher and Student.
Arts exhibition has opened in Country Park. The exhibition is devoted to the artist Boris Erbstein and his student Lyudmila Oks. This artist is a famous stage designer, black-and-white artist, abstract painter of the first half and the middle of the XX-th century.

Architectural innovations in Moscow
Chief architect of BPS International group of companies Dmitriy Kats has spoken at the conference which was organized in the course of the investment forum Expo Real in Munich. The session was opened by the chief architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov. 

BPS took part in the 6th Green & Sustainable Real Estate Conference
The 6th annual Green & Sustainable Real Estate Conference organized by IM Events took place in «Digital October» on the 25-h of September. It was attended by the leading Russian experts of in the field of sustainable construction.

The City of dream
The first children’s speed drawing contest "The city of dream" took place en plein air in the multipurpose complex "Country Park" located in Khimki on the 6-th of October. The contest coincides with anniversary celebrations of the city of Khimki. Young artists, their parents and teachers have gathered together.

New tenant - "Daltekhprom"
The company "Daltekhprom" became a new tenant of Country Park. The company is engaged in the sphere of architecture, technical design, geological and prospecting works. The office of the company is located on the 17th floor of the new multiuse building of Country Park III. 

Like for Country Park
Mini-market store "Like" is opened in the new building of Country Park III. The special concept of this store meets the needs of employees working in business centers. 

Irina Bogomolova
Am 20.Mai fand im Country Park die Wohltätigkeitsausstellug von Irina Bogomolova statt. In den Jugendjahren wurde bei ihr multiple Sklerose diagnostiziert. Schwere Erkrankung begrenzte die Möglichkeiten der jungen Künstlerin, nicht aber die unbändige Fantasie und Lust auf die künstlerische Arbeit.

Art gallery Irina Bogomolova
Exhibition of panel pictures has opened in Country Park. Painting is made in batik art technique by Irina Bogomolova - a new painter from Kostroma. 

Country Beach. The season has started!
It can't get better than to dive into the seeming pool directly from the office! Long-awaited summer season in Country Park is opened!

Country Park III - das beste Objekt 2014
Country Park III ist Sieger des jährlichen Wettbewerbs auf dem Gebiet der Business-Immobilien "Commercial Real Estate Moscow Awards 2014" in der Nominierung "Multifunktionaler Komplex" geworden. Zum ersten Mal erhält eine so hohe Auszeichnung ein Business-Komplex aus dem Moskauer Gebiet. Zur Preisvergabe erschienen im Forum Hall etwa 700 Gäste. 

 Country Park III is the best building in 2014
”Country Park III” became the laureate of the annual professional Commercial Real Estate Awards “CRE Moscow Awards 2014” in the nomination “Mixed-use Complex”.

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