Design Erick van Egeraat and BPS Group: Built As Designed

Design Erick van Egeraat and BPS Group: Built As Designed

Design Erick van Egeraat and BPS Group: Built As Designed

Design Erick van Egeraat and BPS Group pool resources in order to implement design and construction methods that exclude any distortion of the architectural intention.

The leading BIM company and the leading architects are going to appoint the pilot project to realize the construction concept known as “Built As Designed”.

The new design concept that was developed by BPS represents a fundamental rethinking of the construction process methodology: with the help of BIM technologies the building is erected not on the ground, but on the computer. The virtual object is a prototype of the future building, while the workflow on the construction site can be considered solely as the process of creating its exact copy. This approach allows architects and engineers to successfully obtain from the contractors the implementation of their construction intention to the full extent, just in time and within the estimated budget.

One of the prominent architects of the last decade was lead into the office premises of BPS in search of new chances to realize complicated architectural projects without any distortion of the initial intent and keep the given terms, quality and costs within set limits – something that traditional methods can’t cope with and thus resulting in a deep dissatisfaction of building designers.

Architect Prof. ir. Erick van Egeraat:

«In almost every country the documentation from our technical specialists is simply below standard. That fact gives ample opportunity to contractors questioning solutions and to derail the construction process by diverting the project into territories where the outcome is beneficial to nobody except for the contractor/builder. Leaving clients frustrated and cost rocketing. Being able to control, monitor and steer the construction in an unambiguous way is the aim we share. Looking forward to make it happen»!

Nowadays BPS offers the necessary tools and methodology for a precise implementation of the given architectural project. “The architects should work in a close interaction with engineers throughout the whole planning process, join their efforts to walk a fine line between beauty, functionality, costs and efficiency”, according to Leonid Lopatin, managing director of BPS International. “Working with BIM ensures such an opportunity, as well as a chance to optimize the project in variable ways while modeling and analyzing any alterations in the virtual space. Furthermore, the new methodology excludes any interpretations of the project intent on the construction site. The object has been already built in the computing environment, so it is only its precise copy being erected on the ground (“As-Designed”)”.

With a portfolio that spans 35 years and multiple awarded works that cover over 32 countries in Europe and Asia, Erick van Egeraat is one of the World’s Leading Architects. Among his projects are The Rock office tower in Amsterdam, the Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, the Roskilde Incinerator Line 6, the Erasmus University College in Rotterdam, the ING Head Office in Hungary and the Leipzig University in Germany. In Russia, upon the projects of Erick van Egeraat the following objects were successfully built: Sberbank Corporate University in Istria, Capital City Towers in the Moscow City district, the hotel and business tower with a Vershina trade Centre in Surgut, Chess-Club in Khanty-Mansiysk and several others. It was the Dutch Architect who completed the full design and project working documents for then the tallest building in Europe, the Mercury City Tower in Moscow and successfully designed and built all its public interiors.


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